I am passionate about smart integration of technology and its potential for driving growth and profitability. This demands a strategy that goes beyond just connecting the dots and calls for an innovation mindset, empowering us to anticipate the next dot and create the next opportunity.

We innovate because we are not satisfied with the status quo and refuse to settle for complacency. Innovation begins with a customer-centric design by looking out from the inside—rather than outside in. Design matters because it helps us deliver intrinsic value for unmet needs.

I am convinced that the principles of design thinking shouldn’t be reserved for just new products and solutions. It should also be pursued in every area of our enterprise because no role, no engagement, and no project should ever become a lost opportunity.

We chase perfection, however elusive, not because we think we’ll ever be perfect, but because we believe it brings us closer to excellence in everything we are and ever hope to be.

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Kaan Turnali


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Innovation With Design Thinking Demands Critical Thinking

SAPVoice Design Thinking Demands Critical Thinking by Kaan Turnali

Innovation with design thinking demands critical thinking because we must understand our assumptions that frame our ideas and shape our design.

As our world becomes more and more digital, it’s not the first click that counts – it’s what happens after that first click. We design five steps ahead in the user experience, not one. And to deliver integrated solutions with a holistic view, we analyze five dimensions and drop none.

By blending design thinking with critical thinking, we foster innovation that delivers customer-centric solutions. This mindset is crucial to the success of design thinking because its universal applications are a key driver for creating opportunities for both new and old solutions, no matter if they are internal- or customer-facing.

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Design Thinking

Competing on Design Thinking by Kaan Turnali

This series explores how today’s businesses can foster innovation by creating a strategy and culture that place design thinking at the core of the customer-centric enterprises.

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Analytics Excellence Series by Kaan Turnali

This series explores how analytics excellence can drive growth and profitability by enabling faster, better-informed decision making in data-driven enterprises.

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