I solve business problems by designing solutions that focus on people and processes first, and technology second.

Applying the principles of design thinking, I drive digital transformation at the intersection of cloud, mobile, and analytics to help the C-suite deliver growth and profitability.

Drawing on my extensive experience of leading the design and development of business intelligence (BI) solutions, I understand what it takes to compete with enterprise analytics; empower better-informed decision-making; and scale global platforms that deliver trusted, timely, and actionable insight.

Since the birth of tablets, I have been an early innovator of enterprise mobility solutions.

Working behind the scenes, I lead small and agile teams that embrace the entrepreneurial spirit focused on creating opportunities for innovation that can deliver successful business outcomes.

But I do things differently…

I am obsessed with details. I am fascinated with discovering ins and outs of the user experience and uncovering value in hidden or overlooked corners of a product or service that’s overshadowed by complicated processes and technology. I seek to undo the burden of abandoned assumptions and leftover design marks of legacy solutions.

Taking a holistic view, I invest in connecting fragmented, disconnected, and missing parts to engineer integrated and scalable enterprise solutions that bind human-centered design to technology.

I begin with empathy. I don’t deliberate about what a solution should look or feel like. Instead, I immerse myself in the experience. Throwing myself immediately into the shoes of the user, I work side by side with users to understand their struggles, recognize their constraints, and understand their sentiments.

By experiencing their authentic spheres of influence and day-to-day conditions, I insist on seeking untested experiences to capture unrefined observations that frame the contours of their user journey.

I consider myself a generalist, not a specialist when it comes to knowhow of a specific packaged technology product. I seek to maximize business value by designing enterprise solutions based on a holistic view on the user experience and without being limited to specific tools, processes, or lines of business.

With every project or initiative, I insist on getting my hands dirty and picking up a new technology or skill as much and as quickly as possible.

My goal is not to reach a product level of expertise in that new space, but to gain enough knowledge to deliver valid proof of concepts that resonate and encourage feedback from actual users and customers.

Doing so allows me to apply firsthand insight to develop a sound strategy and later guide the development teams that will execute the plan.

I do this with targeted proof of concepts by harnessing the power of rapid prototypes. I strongly believe in the philosophy of “fail early and often” and welcome the uncertainty and chaos of new experiences, which are often moments filled with unknowns, confusion, and frustration.

Challenging myself in this environment provides the opportunity to continuously acquire a diverse set of skills and technical perspective that are not tied to any specific tool, technology, industry or line of business.

I thrive on this growth mindset as it sparks ideas that go beyond just connecting existing dots, but also anticipate the next dot and create the next opportunity.

Let’s chase perfection together, however elusive, not because we think we’ll ever be perfect, but because we believe it brings us closer to excellence in everything we are and ever hope to be.

Connect with me on Twitter @KaanTurnali and LinkedIn.