Design Thinking Is About Integrated Solutions

The digital universe provides countless possibilities for innovation. Whether we stretch the boundaries of mobility and…

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The Art Of Opportunity And Innovation With Design Thinking

When we realize that innovation is an opportunity to deliver customer-centric solutions, we develop a growth mindset…

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Innovation With Design Thinking Demands Critical Thinking

Innovation with design thinking demands critical thinking because we must understand our assumptions that frame our…

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Lean Innovation Meets Design Thinking - Kaan Turnali

Lean Innovation: Design Thinking Meets Lean Startup For The Enterprise

Innovation is often born from individuals who view design as a way to shape forward-thinking ideas. While design alone…

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Design Thinking Art and Science Of Customer Empathy

The Art And Science Of Customer Empathy In Design Thinking

Customer-centric solutions demand empathy. But, how we employ this principle within design thinking is as critical—if…

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Design Thinking Empathy by Kaan Turnali

Empathy, Design Thinking, And An Obsession With Customer-Centric Innovation

To deliver innovative, customer-centric solutions through design thinking, we must begin with empathy. In its simplest…

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Competing on Design Thinking by Kaan Turnali

Competing On Design Thinking

Design thinking doesn't guarantee innovation, but innovation always hinges on design-thinking principles. Steve Jobs…

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What Is Design Thinking?

Today’s organizations face multifaceted problems that are part of increasingly complex business models. Continued…

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