10 Mobile BI Strategy Questions: Security

Mobile BI Strategy Security by Kaan Turnali

Do you have all three layers of mobile BI security covered: device, app, and data? All of the convenience and benefits of mobile devices provide a particular security risk, complicating matters for the technology managers.

When we think about the three layers of security in mobile BI, each layer plays an equally important role. Moreover, each layer represents a specific component of a user’s access profile. Therefore, it’s vital not only to understand how each layer completes the security picture, but also to make sure they work in tandem.

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10 Mobile BI Strategy Questions: Executive Sponsorship

Mobile BI Strategy Executive Sponsorship by Kaan Turnali

Of the ten mobile business intelligence (BI) questions I outlined in my last post, “Do we have an executive sponsor?” is the most important one because the success of a mobile BI journey depends on it more than any other.

While the role of an executive sponsor is critical in all tech projects, several aspects of mobile BI technology make it easy for executive management to be involved closely and play a unique role.

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3 Strategies To Get Started With Mobile Business Intelligence (BI)

3 Strategies To Get Started With Mobile BI by Kaan Turnali

In my post “Mobile BI” Doesn’t Mean “Mobile-Enabled Reports” I highlighted two main areas that affect how organizations can go about realizing the benefits of mobile business intelligence (BI): enterprise mobility and BI maturity. Today I want to focus on the latter and outline high-level strategies that require different avenues of focus, time, and resources.

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Mobile BI Doesn’t Mean “Mobile-Enabled Reports”

In my post “What Is Mobile Business Intelligence?”, I discussed the definition of mobile business intelligence (BI) as well as its importance and relevance in today’s business climate.

However, if mobile BI is going to enable organizations to drive growth and profitability, it requires, as with any other technology initiative, an integrated strategy. Moreover, organizations must deliver the power of mobile BI through innovation and without disruption.

Just as we know that mobile isn’t just about one or two sexy apps, the step to gain the ability to deliver reports on a mobile device alone isn’t synonymous with mobile BI.

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What Is Mobile Business Intelligence?

Mobile BI Design isn’t random by Kaan Turnali

You might have heard this statistic by now: more people own a cell phone than a toothbrush. In a Forbes post, Maribel Lopez lists a number of recent statistics about mobility. “While we could debate the numbers, the trend is clear,” she writes. ”The pace of mobile adoption across devices and applications is accelerating.”

Mobility is no longer a nice-to-have option. Instead, it’s become a must for many businesses. Many surveys support this view. According to the Accenture Mobility Insights 2014 Report, 77% of participants in the survey considered mobility among their top five priorities. A similar finding was part of the Accenture 2013 CIO Mobility Survey where 79% of respondents cited mobility as a revenue-generator and 84% said mobility would significantly improve customer interactions. Read more

What Is Business Intelligence?

What Is Business Intelligence by Kaan Turnali

Early in my career, I was encouraged to always ask even the simplest and most obvious questions, including questions about well-known topics that were assumed to be understood by everyone. With that in mind, let’s answer the question, “What is business intelligence (BI)?”

As you read this post, you probably fall into one of these three categories:

  1. You know exactly what BI is because you eat, sleep, and breathe it every day. BI is in your business DNA.
  2. The term means nothing more than the name of an exotic tech cocktail that might have pierced your ears, figuratively speaking of course.
  3. You‘re somewhere in between the two extremes. You’ve been exposed to the term, but haven’t had a chance yet to fully digest it or appreciate it.

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