After another long break, I am excited to return to writing

It feels great to be back and writing again following another break—this time longer than the last one. I can’t believe that it has been more than a year since I last published. I am grateful that the break—albeit uninvited —allowed me to devote personal attention to what matters in my life.

I have to confess that each time I endure these unplanned gaps as “life” throws a curve ball, it masses ideas of endless possibilities and uncultivated creativity. Unlike in the desert, the lack of rain does not appear to diminish my renewal.

Best part about returning is the anticipation of exhilaration, which follows these intervals. I simply miss the pure joy of it, the smell of the paper, the reflection of the ink, and—most important—the intellectual challenge that I seek in it beyond the mere words.

To me, writing—thought leadership in the greater sense—is more than just words on paper but a pursuit of exploration, innovation, and storytelling. lot of new projects are on the horizon, including several new series on digital transformation, executive mobile analytics, and design thinking.

As I wrote in my Forbes piece, titled “3 Reasons Why Thought Leadership Matters,” for those who follow and stay committed, the process of molding ideas can sometimes be as intense and focused as the development of new products and services.”

I feel re-energized and ready to run again!