Thought Leadership

Thought leadership gives me a chance to experiment freely with different ideas while escaping the disciplined and demanding rigor required for excellence in execution in daily operations.

I see it as one of the greatest tools that helps us grow as an individual and learn more about our purpose, which is a reflection of both our passions and imperfections.

Thought leadership helps us grow.

More important, it sheds light on our personal path – allowing us to seek what is yet to be discovered through our natural talent and creativity.

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Making The Case For Small With Mobile Analytics Design by Kaan Turnali

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Design Thinking Empathy by Kaan Turnali

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Why thought leadership matters

Generating excitement about topics that are relevant and timely—not just in one business, industry, or niche, but across the entire ecosystem—provides inspiration and intellectual stimulation to get the process started.

Finding viewpoints and relating them to real-life stories with a new angle—even if they represent a small window for discussion or engagement—gives birth to new opportunities never-before imagined.

Thought leadership matters because stretching old ideas beyond their traditional boundaries creates new perspectives.

More important, it can serve as a foundation for others to expand and innovate, inspiring conversations that would have been otherwise lost or never started.

Thought Leadership Series

I love collaborating on topics that I am passionate about, such as mobile, analytics, innovation, design thinking. These are some of the highlights of that work.

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