Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a pursuit that is more about growth, innovation, and creating opportunities. It starts when an idea is kindled, and it doesn’t stop when the fruits of that idea is delivered.

When I set out to develop a perspective, the process gives me a chance to experiment freely with different ideas while escaping the disciplined and demanding rigor that may be otherwise required.

Thought leadership matters because stretching old ideas beyond their traditional boundaries creates new perspectives.

Neither the process nor growth happens in random circles with loose ends. For those who follow and stay committed, the process of molding these ideas can sometimes be as intense and focused as the development of new products and services.

Finding viewpoints and relating them to real-life stories with a new angle—even if they represent a small window for discussion or engagement—gives birth to new opportunities never-before imagined.

More important, it serves as a foundation for others to expand and innovate, inspiring conversations that would have been otherwise lost or never started.

This page brings together highlights from my thought leadership journey.

Design Thinking Series

Competing on Design thinking Series

In this series on SAPVoice Forbes, I argue that competing on design thinking requires a fundamental shift in how we approach design to solve business problems and, more important, how we channel the essential values of design thinking in everything we do.

For design thinking to make a greater impact and enable a competitive edge, the emphasis has to be—first and foremost—on what I like to call the application of its core principles.

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The Art Of Opportunity

The Art Of Opportunity And Innovation With Design Thinking


This is a collaboration with Parker Lee, co-author of The Art of Opportunity, which is about “how strategic innovation and design thinking can grow existing businesses and create completely new ones by discovering opportunities for new growth and crafting strategies to seize these opportunities.”

We spoke about two of my favorite topics: Driving innovation in the enterprise and applying design thinking as an enabler of forward-thinking ideas to spur growth and profitability.

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Lean Innovation

Lean Innovation Design Thinking Meets Lean Startup For The Enterprise


This is a collaboration with Brant Cooper, co-founder of Moves the Needle, which brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the enterprise, and New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur.

We spoke about two of my favorite topics: Driving innovation in the enterprise and applying design thinking as an enabler of forward-thinking ideas that spur growth and profitability.

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Intel Innovation Series


Mobile Analytics Design

In this Intel Technology Innovation series on the Intel IT Peer Network, I covered many aspects of the mobile analytics design from installation to user interface (UI), from functionality to performance.

I consider these best practices to be a framework for innovation applicable to all mobile analytics solutions regardless of the organization’s size, industry, or business model.

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Forbes: Sports & Analytics

Sports and Analytics on SAPVoice Forbes

In collaboration with SAP Sports & Entertainment team, I covered how the advancement of technology, especially in the areas of big data, in-memory computing, the cloud, and mobile, put the spotlight on analytics in the sports and entertainment industries.

The series highlighted how these technology solutions make it possible for sports organizations to effectively leverage their rich data assets and take their analytical capabilities to the next level beyond the rudimentary game, player, or scouting stats.

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Forbes: Fan Experience Matters

In collaboration with SAP Sports & Entertainment team, I explore different aspects of the fan experience in a new series on the fan experience in sports and analytics

Approaching the topic with a holistic and analyzing it from all angles, I researched fan experience to study its many dimensions, highlighting differences among different sports, traditions and cultures—including subtle nuances that can make a major difference in the context of sports and analytics.

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Data-Driven Marketing Series

In this marketing analytics series on iAcquire, I discussed the importance of making data-driven marketing and business decisions.

The main takeaway is that just capturing and storing data will not get us far in gaining customer insight. Disconnected data can’t paint a complete picture of the 360-degree customer profile.

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Mobility Series

Better Informed Decisions by Kaan Turnali

In this series on Mediafly, I discussed the importance of mobility in business and why we need to consider it as a key component of the new business-growth model.

The goal is not to invest blindly in mobility but to find opportunities that can contribute directly to our strategic business goals.

We must consider all slices of the mobility equation: mobile workers, mobile devices, and the mobility of corporate assets, including a key component: data.

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