Mobile BI Strategy

If mobile business intelligence (BI) is going to enable organizations to drive growth and profitability, it requires, as with any other technology initiative, an integrated strategy that not only leverages the technology’s strengths, but also minimizes its weaknesses within a supported infrastructure.

These ten questions will highlight the key areas you need to consider when developing a comprehensive mobile BI strategy.

This is the critical first step in validating mobile BI readiness for any organization – whether it’s a Fortune 500 company, a small-to-medium enterprise, or a small team within a large enterprise. The size or the scope of the mobile BI engagement doesn’t negate the need for, or importance of, the pre-flight checklist.

Think about this for a moment. Would a flight crew skip the pre-flight planning because it expects only a small number of passengers on the flight? No, and we shouldn’t skip it either. We want to evaluate and identify any issues before the takeoff.

1. Executive Sponsorship

Mobile BI Strategy Executive Sponsorship by Kaan Turnali

Do we have an executive sponsor?

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2. Mobile Security

Mobile BI Strategy Security by Kaan Turnali

How do we manage mobile BI security?

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3. Enterprise Mobility

Mobile BI Strategy Enterprise Mobility by Kaan Turnali

How do we align with enterprise mobility?

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4. Technology Infrastructure

Mobile BI Strategy Technical Infrastructure by Kaan Turnali

Is our infrastructure ready?

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5. Technology Design

Mobile BI Strategy Technology Design by Kaan Turnali

How do we design for mobile?

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6. Talent Management

Mobile BI Strategy Talent Management by Kaan Turnali

Do we have the right talent?

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7. Support Infrastructure

Mobile BI Strategy Support Infrastructure by Kaan Turnali

What are the key elements of the infrastructure?

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8. Mobile Communication

Mobile BI Strategy Communication by Kaan Turnali

What will be our communication strategy?

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9. Business Processes

Mobile BI Strategy Business Processes by Kaan Turnali

What business processes will be impacted?

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10. System Integration

Mobile BI Strategy System Integration by Kaan Turnali

What are opportunities for system integration?

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Additional Considerations

Mobile BI Strategy Additional Considerations by Kaan Turnali

Many of these topics aren’t unique to mobile BI.

Moreover, additional areas of interest such as project management or quality assurance (testing) are assumed to be part of the existing IT or BI framework.

Bottom Line

Although these initial questions may seem extensive at first, their primary purpose is to provide a checklist.

It doesn’t matter in what order you answer these questions. What matters is that you consider them all.