Mobile BI

Mobile BI Doesn’t Mean “Mobile-Enabled Reports.”

Just as we know that mobile isn’t just about one or two sexy apps, the ability to deliver reports on a mobile device alone isn’t the same thing as mobile BI (business intelligence).

When we design for mobile BI, we are not just building a report or a dashboard. We’re designing to deliver a superior mobile user experience each and every time. This means we need to consider all facets of user interactions and take a holistic approach when dealing with all aspects of the “mobile BI user life cycle.” This life cycle starts before installation and does not end after the mobile analytics asset is downloaded and consumed.

Is your organization ready for mobile BI?


Strategy is key to delivering business value.

We need to formulate a carefully thought-out mobile BI strategy that not only leverages the technology’s strengths, but also minimizes its weaknesses within a supported infrastructure.

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We need to consider all facets of user experience.

Successful mobile BI solutions demand a mobile mindset. We’re not just building a report or a dashboard. We’re designing a consistently superior mobile user experience.

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Without the right leadership, we will face an uphill battle.

Having leadership only on paper isn’t enough. Using the technology demonstrates firsthand the mobile mindset that sets an example for the rest of the direct reports & their teams.

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Our team’s talent and passion will be the determining factor.

If mobile BI solutions are going to enable organizations to drive growth and profitability, technology and technical know-how alone will not be enough to guarantee success.

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Mobile Mindset

Having the right mobile mindset is a prerequisite for driving growth and profitability with mobile BI.

A mobile mindset provides the framework for enabling organizations of all sizes to deliver the power of mobile through innovation and without business disruption.

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Key Features

It’s critical to gauge your mobile BI app’s readiness for a complete mobile user experience.

Check out these five must-have features to deliver a complete mobile user experience and enable faster, better-informed decision making with mobile BI solutions.

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