My business philosophy

Strong leadership

The road to success for any team starts and ends with strong leadership. Leading by example, I believe in building reliable teams that are organized, predictable, and agile. I subscribe to the notion of shared ownership, which encourages every team member to contribute to and be critical in the collective outcome. This requires a leadership philosophy built on vision, integrity, decisiveness, and the ability to be articulate.

Entrepreneurial culture

An entrepreneurial culture demands that every employee should think like an entrepreneur, a decision maker, a risk taker in their domain. Creating an atmosphere of true collaboration that allows free exchange of ideas and creativity to flourish is fundamental to innovation. This philosophy is not limited to specific businesses or industries. No role, no engagement, and no project should ever be a lost opportunity for growth.

Effective management

In business, technical or domain expertise may be helpful; but I believe more than anything else, a result-oriented approach that demands disciplined and effective use of available resources is the key ingredient of consistent and effective management. Therefore, it becomes imperative to align all activities with the strategic objectives of the business by contributing to either the growth or the bottom line.

Customer focus

The customer drives the current and future state of any business. Products and services, whether they are delivered to internal or external customers, must create intrinsic value and address specific business needs. This cannot be done unless the customer is an integral part of the entire product life cycle, and not an afterthought. Businesses, projects, or teams that lack customer focus are bound to fail.

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