About Me

I am passionate about smart integration of technology. Specializing in executive mobile analytics, I help the C-suite drive growth and profitability with business intelligence (BI) solutions.

By leading small and agile teams, I create opportunities for innovation with customer-centric solutions built on the principles of design thinking.

And thought leadership empowers me to reach larger audiences through storytelling, inspiring conversations that would have been otherwise lost or never started.

My business philosophy


Strong leadership, effective management, entrepreneurial culture, customer focus.

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My perspective on technology


Technology as a driver, mobile is not optional, simple is beautiful, smart enterprises.

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I aspire to be

I aspire to be by Kaan Turnali

Smart integration of technology

Smart integration of technology

As a technology leader, I rely on three basic things: strategy, execution, and measurement. In their simplest form, strategy states the direction, execution is where the rubber meets the road, and measurement allows for adjustments and course correction.

To produce desired outcomes, neither strategy nor measurement can be one-dimensional. We create business value with strategy when it’s aligned with the organization’s vision and resources. Technology solutions contribute to the execution of our strategy by enabling effective delivery and measurement of our results.

A holistic approach requires that all three components work in tandem to provide a 360-degree value proposition. Not only is this true when generating considerable ROIs, but also when we are building a solid foundation for actionable insight in all facets of our business or technology solutions.

Passion matters

Passion Matters by Kaan Turnali

Passion is often confused for raw energy. Yes, energy is part of it. But, passion is the bridge that connects human emotions with a sense of purpose.

Some people go to work. Others get up each morning and work with a desire to make a difference. We don’t need to save the world to make a difference.

That self-drive and excitement to make a difference—no matter how small or large—is the reflection we see shine in our work and everything we get involved.

It is an incredible gift that is contagious because it allows us to chase perfection, however elusive, as it brings us a little closer to excellence. It’s a basic notion, but a surprising number of managers and leaders miss this.

An innovation mindset sparked by curiosity


Curiosity is a gift we’re given as a child to explore what surrounds us and risk losing as we get older. We innovate because we are not satisfied with the status quo and refuse to settle for complacency.

No role, no engagement, and no project should ever be a lost opportunity for innovation.

This mindset can be apparent in every area of the business. It’s not just reserved for designing new products and solutions that everyone wants. Innovation can also be found and pursued in the back office where roles and functions tend to be tedious and mundane.

Curiosity fuels a constant craving for a never-ending ambition to express human ingenuity in everything we do.

Smart work, not just hard work

Smart work not just hard work by Kaan Turnali

Hard work is important, but we must also encourage and reward smart work as well.

We are not talking about IQ or education, but rather the initiative and drive to think beyond the first step. Smart work is about asking “why” and “how”, and not just “what”.

Regardless of our role, we need to think five steps ahead—not one. We need to analyze five dimensions and drop none.

This mindset applies to everything we do. It is not the first step that counts. What matters most is what lies beyond that initial step.

Knowing just what happened isn’t enough. We want to know why it happened and how we can prevent or improve it. Certain things may be out of our control, but we must eliminate unforced errors.

When we deal with new questions and challenges, we can’t just connect the dots—we must anticipate the next dot and create the next opportunity.

Attitude before aptitude

Attitude before aptitude by Kaan Turnali

Often, attitude is mistaken for blind enthusiasm that is not balanced with realistic optimism.

This is not at all true. Rather, it’s our state of mind that sets the tone. It says that we want to be here! We are not only eager to engage with the problem, but more important willing to go the extra mile.

If you study successful people and how they make it happen, I believe there are two characteristics that are part of their DNA:

  1. Tenacity: That invisible push to drive forward despite the obstacles.
  2. Resilience: The courage and strength to get up quickly and stronger than before when they fall.

Although failure can never be a starting point, it is inevitable. Even “perfect” ideas, products, and solutions are bound to fall short or fail at some point. What makes the difference is our tenacity and resilience.

Why I love to design

Why I love to design by Kaan Turnali

I always have had a burning desire to design, improve, and create new things. It is normally said that this kind of yearning is rooted in our childhood. If this is true, I attribute my cravings to my time spent playing with Legos in my early childhood days. Thank you, Mom and Dad!

Back in the ’70s, Lego sets were limited, compared to what is available today both in size and complexity. My favorite ones were—and still are—the classic pieces that came in a simple combination of colors and basic shapes. The limited variety of the pieces meant that building a masterpiece required both creativity in the use of each shape and strategic thinking in finding the right combination.

Later in life, I realized that some of the same principles apply to smart integration of technology. As Steve Jobs eloquently once said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

As I embark on a new initiative to design and seek new or improved solutions, I experience what is sometimes referred as a state of idea creation. Once triggered, these ideas keep coming. Instead of stopping this flow, I look for outlets to entertain them and make sense of the chaos. In my experience, maintaining a high degree of tolerance for this uncertainty and remaining committed to the end goal while executing the required steps with a laser-sharp focus is fundamental.