Competing On Design Thinking

Competing on Design Thinking by Kaan Turnali

Design thinking doesn’t guarantee innovation, but innovation always hinges on design-thinking principles.

Steve Jobs famously said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Design thinking takes this notion further and provides a set of tools to power innovation through design.

As the popularity of design thinking continues to expand and spread across a variety of domains, it begs the question: Will design thinking ever reach the point of diminishing returns? In a recent Harvard Business Review post, IDEO CEO Tim Brown entertained a similar question: “When everyone is doing design thinking, is it still a competitive advantage?”

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Analytics Excellence Starts And Ends With Leadership

Analytics excellence demands leadership excellence at all levels of the organization—not just at the top.

Analytics Excellence Leadership by Kaan Turnali

In my last post, I described analytics excellence as the relentless pursuit of driving growth and profitability. Of all the pieces we’ll explore in this series, leadership is most important to analytics excellence because our success depends on it more than anything else.

While the role of executive leadership is critical to any project, several aspects of enterprise analytics require senior executives to be closely involved. Moreover, although the CIO/CTO plays a vital part in making sure the right technology is acquired or developed, executive leadership—and more important executive ownership—from the business side provides the right level of partnership to run on all three cylinders of analytics: Insight into the right data, for the right role and at the right time.

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4 Ways We Can Redefine Innovation In The Enterprise

4 Ways <em>We Can Redefine Innovation In The Enterprise by Kaan Turnali

If we want to drive growth and profitability in the enterprise, we need to redefine innovation. Changing how we think about innovation directly influences our ability to transform our organization and execute our strategy.

The concept of innovation means different things to different people. Sometimes, it is even used interchangeably in various roles and functions. Merriam-Webster offers this simple definition: “A new idea, device, or method. The act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods. The introduction of something new.”

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Analytics Excellence Is The Relentless Pursuit Of Driving Growth And Profitability

Analytics Excellence by Kaan Turnali

This is the first in a series of articles exploring how we can drive growth and profitability by pursuing analytics excellence. We will closely examine the elements of leadership, talent, and culture that are as critical—if not, more—to success than the technology itself.

According to IDC’s Digital Universe study, “digital data is doubling in size every two years; and by 2020, the digital universe is expected to contain nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe.” This growth in hyperconnectivity is sending shockwaves across the global business landscape. For many companies, this deluge of data is challenging their ability to deliver analytics solutions, which may eventually exceed their capacity to supply and consume that information—if it hasn’t happened already.

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3 Reasons Why Thought Leadership Matters

3 Reasons Why Thought Leadership Matters by Kaan Turnali

Thought leadership has been at the forefront of digital transformation and continues to expand the idea revolution that started with the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press. It has become a key driver for innovation and creating new opportunities as ideas are shared and distributed beyond traditional sources and across social platforms that were unimaginable a decade ago.

The term “thought leadership” means different things to different people. It is used and practiced both in personal and professional spaces. Some take place on large stages; others unfold in small corners that are hidden from the limelight. But no matter the size or shape, they all share a common DNA. In its simplest form, it creates an opportunity to become a trusted source on topics we are passionate about by delivering different perspectives on all questions—new and old.

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5 Tools That Foster Technology Innovation

Technology innovation thrives most when human ingenuity is uninhibited to deliver intrinsic value for unmet needs.

5 Tools That Foster Technology Innovation by Kaan Turnali

Becoming a technology consultant more than a decade ago was a huge wake up call for me. I’d just left a position as a customer asking others to design new technology solutions or improve existing ones. Not too long after that, I found myself on the opposite side of this equation, where people relied on me for answers.

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4 Reasons Why Excellent Customer Service Should Start With A Smile

4 Reasons Why Excellent Customer Service Should Start With A Smile by Kaan Turnali

A smile alone doesn’t guarantee excellent customer service, but excellent customer service almost always starts with a smile.

As holiday shopping season gets underway, many businesses are stepping up their focus on customer service. They spend millions of dollars developing customer-service practices that include employee training and corporate engagement because they understand customer service is not a seasonal exercise.

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5 Reasons Why More Data Doesn’t Guarantee Better Decisions

Data alone may not be enough to guarantee better decisions, but better decisions almost always start with data.

5 Reasons Why More Data Doesn’t Guarantee Better Decisions by Kaan Turnali

Just capturing and storing data will not get us far. Disconnected and fragmented data can’t paint a complete picture because different segments linger in a detached state or in isolated buckets. Left disintegrated, they lack the necessary transformations to be turned into cohesive and compatible building blocks.

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Single-Click Consultants Need Not Apply

Single-Click Consultants Need Not Apply by Kaan Turnali

A million things can go wrong when you deal with data or technology. Integrating business and technology requires ingenuity, discipline and fortitude. But most important is critical thinking, something we need to teach more at every level of our system of higher education. It’s a skill we must demand in business.

And it all starts with leadership.

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Leadership Starts With One

Leadership Starts With One by Kaan Turnali

Great leaders have inspired millions of people throughout history. Likewise, today’s great business leaders at all levels motivate employees to transform their enterprises and help them reach new heights of accomplishment. They instill confidence that enables their followers to achieve what others might consider impossible.

But it’s easy to forget, or fail to note at all, that these leaders have one other thing in common: They all had to lead themselves before leading others.

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